The best project software, that’s our business proposal

Offimac builds project software based on Microsoft Dynamics technology and we are convinced that this is the best possible solution.

Because Microsoft is a giant with significant financial resources. Ant it’s also a player that innovates continuously. As a result, customers are assured of the latest technology, which gives them a head start today and the day after tomorrow.

The Dynamics platform offers strong integrations with other software such as Microsoft Office, Azure, artificial intelligence, and numerous other packages. And integration and collaboration between software is becoming increasingly important. That’s why good integration possibilities are also very crucial for good project software. So project customers stay ahead in the digital future.

And that is also why we are also convinced that we offer the best project software for your business thanks to Microsoft. 

These are 10 arguments why our project software is the best:


  1. Our solution is based on 40 years of project management experience
  2. It relies on Microsoft, your best guarantee for continuity
  3. It is a fully integrated solution for the administration of ALL your departments, including accounting according to your legislation = 1 system for ALL your people + the best efficiency for your entire company
  4. Is distributed in 14 countries and by 250 partners, see
  5. Our solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics, in which thousands of partners around the world are active and build apps = you are never dependent on one supplier and you can easily expand with apps, document management, e-invoicing, SharePoint, artificial intelligence etc
  6. No one has such a complete project software
  7. Our solution runs on any device you want
  8. This solution offers the best integration, evolution, and innovation
  9. Highly flexible: customisation and additional apps are possible
  10. Price

In today’s world, there is a lot of software on the market. But a big challenge is making sure that everything works together. And that everything gets even better. Project companies want good and affordable solutions. And above all cooperation, stability and security of the future. Smart project companies opt for stable, reliable suppliers for the longer term.

We believe Microsoft offers the best guarantees for your project business. Trust the global Microsoft ecosystem of partners worldwide!