Rental management

  • Rental┬áitems & contracts: objects, extra, …
  • Short & long term rental
  • Project-based rental (optional)
  • Calendars, reservations & planning
  • Usage reporting & counters
  • Purchase, logistics, warehouses, transport
  • Historical information
  • Asset mangement & sales
  • Strong reporting and statistics
  • Document management
  • Link to service module (optional)
  • Link to other Offimac modules (optional)
  • Apps and mobile applications (optional)

Offimac has a total solution from A to Z for rental managemnet. Next to these functionalities, other functionalties like accounting, finance, warehousing, CRM and supply chain are included in our solution (as standard modules).

Do you still want extra applications for your business? No problem! Just find out on our home page which extra software modules Offimac has to offer.